It's time to move beyond Photoshop.

The manga industry has moved online over the last 10 years, but scanlation tech hasn't kept up. Photoshop remains the standard and is quite powerful, but it's also 1) pricey, 2) complicated, and 3) not scanlation-specific. is an attempt to rethink what the process could look like: online, AI-assisted tools, simple enough for anyone to pick up.

It's still very early, but we've got:

What's next:

How do I start?

If you have no previous experience with scanlating, that's fine! We all started somewhere =) Here's an intro to the main roles involved:

About the author...

Hi! I'm Austin (a.k.a. akrolsmir), leader of Flow Scans. Besides coordinating releases, I can do a decent job of most of the scanlation roles (except redrawing, that's not for mere mortals.)

By day, I'm a freelance software engineer; previously I've worked at Google, Microsoft, and various startups. Ideas for Or want to hire me? Reach me at!